Quote of the Day: from Aristotle

A lesson from Aristotle’s Rhetoric. I thought that Aristotle’s ideas on persuasion might be useful for those who are discerning how they are going to vote in the general election in November. I pray and hope this helps. (The excerpt here is taken from the 2005 Barnes & Noble Classics Edition, with an introduction and notes by Eugene Garver.)

“The end of democracy is freedom;

of oligarchy, wealth;

of aristocracy, the maintenance of education

and national institutions;

of tyranny, the protection of the tyrant.

“It is clear, then, that we must distinguish

those particular customs, institutions, and interests

which tend to realize the ideal of each constitution,

since men choose their means with reference to their ends.

“Similarly, we should know the moral qualities characteristic

of each form of government,

for the special moral character of each is bound to provide us

with our most effective means of persuasion in dealing with it.

“We shall learn the qualities of governments in the same way

as we learn the qualities of individuals,

since they are revealed in their deliberate acts of choice;

and these are determined by the end that inspires them.”

–Aristotle, Rhetoric, Book 1, Chapter 8

May Our Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, bless and defend the United States of America from all its enemies, foreign and domestic. <DanJerJohn, 7/28/12>