Blessed and Joyous Mother’s Day

In Gratitude for Mothers

May God bless all mothers this day.
May He strengthen them in the work they do for their families.
May He deepen them in wisdom, counsel, and prudence.
May He make their courage unfailing.
May He heal their hurts and comfort them in disappointment and grief.
May He give them the consolation of knowing that nothing they do is ever in vain,
for He appreciates them when no one else does and
when no one else expresses their appreciation.
May His Holy Angels be their honor guard at death.

May every woman know that Motherhood is an ancient,
high office from God, given to Eve with the command to
“be fruitful and multiply, subdue the earth and fill it,”
and glorified by Jesus, who chose to be born of Woman–
and born of Mary.

So, may every mother know that she is never alone,
for Our Lord’s Mother is also her mother, best friend, and confidant,
one who hears her sighs, dries her tears, and takes her heart into her own.
May we always see God’s love in our mother’s love.
May God bless all mothers, across all generations, this day.

— (c) Daniel J. Johnson, for Mom, Grandma, my Aunts, my cousins, my friends, and my teachers.